So, You Think You Want A PWD Puppy?

Well, I can't blame you! Portuguese Water Dog puppies are not only cute; they are fun, comical and exceptionally intelligent. And, when they grow up, they are still fun, still the court jester, and you will find they are so darned intelligent that it gets a little spooky at times! Beyond that, they can be a bit of a challenge, they can be stubborn, they tend to want things their own way, and they can outsmart the best of us. So, before you make any final decisions about this being the right breed for you, I urge you to go to our national club's web site,, and there you will find information that will help you decide if, for certain, this is the breed for you and your family.

To find information on PWD puppies on the home page of the web site, look under "Want To Know More About PWDs?", or, right below that is the section called "Looking For A Puppy?" Click on these titles and you will find the best, most authoritative information about PWDs that you can find anywhere. I suggest you read the article titled "Is a PWD Right For You", . . . also, there is information on health issues with the breed, tips about grooming, whether or not it is the right time for a puppy, and much, much more. All of this is definitely worth you while, so please take time to read and learn as much as you can about Portuguese Water Dogs. You can also download a puppy packet, along with a list of breeders who subscribe to the PWDCA breeder referral program and comply with PWDCA recommendations for breeders.

Once you have taken the time to learn all you can about PWDs from the national club's web site, or, if you already have been there and have done your homework, and you still think you want a PWD puppy, then read on, and I will share with you a little bit about puppy life with Legado Portuguese Water Dogs.

Puppies From Legado. . . .

Having a litter of pups at our home is a very special, joyous occasion! We generally have one, sometimes two, litters a year, and that makes for a great deal of excitement and anticipation, as we look forward to the many joys a litter of new pups will bring. Always before any breeding takes place, both the sire and dam are health tested as recommended by the Portuguese Water Dog Club of America. Certificates of these tests are provided to all new puppy owners, along with a variety of useful information, booklets, etc. that will help with the pup's transition from its family into its new home.

From just a few days after birth, until they are ready to pack their bags and move on to their new homes, the puppies at Legado receive optimum socialization and introduction to new surroundings, challenges, and environmental changes. Family members and well-known PWD friends are invited to visit often, and to interact with the puppies. Before the pups are able to walk, they are gently introduced to family, friends and children. I believe strongly in very early introduction of the pups to humans, to their warm touch and their soft gentle voices, and the pups respond most favorably.

As they grow, the pups continue to be introduced to new challenges, especially once they can move around and their eyes have opened. Then, they get a box to climb on, an interactive toy from Toys R Us, (yes, dogs love kids toys!), perhaps some clangy kind of noise makers, something overhead to catch their eye, always something to stimulate them, to make them aware of surroundings, but never to frighten or alarm them. And, the visitors continue to be welcome . . . always!

As soon as the pups are old enough, they get to go to their outside playground during the daytime and when the weather permits. Outside they have a grand time with their new surroundings! A big rock to climb on, a tunnel to chase each other through, a real kid's slide with steps to climb up, a "booja" board for the agility enthusiasts, in warm weather a kiddies wading pool, and the best thing in the whole wide world, . . . an old tire! Boy, do they love that tire. Again, during this time, the neighbor's kids and adult visitors are welcome. In addition to their time with the toys, and visitors, all puppies are given special one-on-one in my lap every day. At this time they have a little grooming session with a comb gently through their hair, an inspection of their ears, teeth, paws, etc., and a lot of love and petting, . . . a very special time for both the pups and their breeder!

Beginning from the time of their birth, the pups are being observed and evaluated to determine what their personalities and temperament will be and where might be the best new home for them. At 7 - 8 weeks of age, we do aptitude testing to further identify their personalities and to help make decision as to which pups are better suited for families, performance venues or show homes, and also to see which one gets to stay and be the newest Legado Lady! Once we have completed our observations about temperament, and after they have had their first visit to the veterinarian, had their first vaccination, the puppies are then ready to start life with their new families.

The Waiting List & the Questionnaire!

Yes! I do have a waiting list, and I hope that it never ends. Seems as though there are a lot of folks who have heard about Legado Portuguese Water Dogs, and are willing to wait however long in order to get one. It's a rather unique waiting list, in that there is no order to it! I place my pups in homes, based on what the family or individual, is looking for and how well the puppy will meet each person's needs. In other words, you could be the last person on my list, and if I have a puppy that seems to be just the perfect fit for you, . . .then that puppy is going to you. You could be first person on the list, but if I don't have a puppy that seems to be just right for what you are wanting, then I would not be able to place a puppy with you.

So, in order to be included on the waiting list, I ask that you complete my questionnaire. It's not a test, just a series of questions that really help me in making decisions about what you are looking for in a Portuguese Water Puppy. In addition to the questionnaire, we will have some telephone time to get to know one another, and if you live in the area, you most certainly are more than welcome to visit me, the Ladies, and if there are puppies around, by all means come by and say Hello!

Puppy Questionnaire [Word format]
Puppy Questionnaire [PDF format]