Sire: Baluarte de Alvalade Leza's Pedigree [pdf] Date of Birth: 5/5/1985
Dam: Morena do Mar   Deceased: 11/1/2000

Health Statistics:
OFA: GoodGM-1: N95 NormalCERF: Clear

Leza, the 2nd Legado Lady, and the foundation bitch for Legado, also came from the east coast. She was bred by Sonja & Jimmy Santos and she brought to Legado the Do Mar reputation for outstanding temperament and quality in PWDs. She was owner-handled to her Championship, got her CGC at age 10, and later passed the testing for a Junior Water Certificate, I think at around age 12. Leza produced outstanding PWDs, and all photos you see of Legado PWDs will be downline from Leza. She loved the water, loved to swim, and she would glide around the pool with the beauty and ease of a ballet dancer.

Leza at Kachina Kennel Club match with a Group Placement at eight months

Leza & Janis at IAMS Invitational in Detroit, March 1989

New Champion, August 1986

For her 15th birthday, Leza celebrates with a swim at Lake Pleasant where her PWD family train for water work.